Nonprofit Arts Organiztion Cashion Cultural Legacy presents On Demand access to Viva México Viva América, a new dance concert that was held on March 11 & 12, 2023 at the Plaza Theater in San José. Los Lupeños de San José shared the stage with Grupo Folklórico Cielito Lindo from Perris, California. Together the two groups take you on a journey through México via traditional folk dance, celebrating our heritage and getting us in the mood to shout ¡Viva México, Viva América! 

¡Viva México, Viva América! features dances from Sonora (Norte Bronco), Sinaloa (Revolución Mexicana), Guanajuato (Homenaje a José Alfredo Jiménez), Nuevo León (Barrio del Roble), Sinaloa (Boda de Pueblo), Guerrero (Raices Afro-descendientes & Sones de Artesa), and Jalisco (sones jalisciences).

Cashion Cultural Legacy extends its appreciation to the San José Mayor Office's Abierto Program and the School of Arts and Culture.

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Apr 19, 2023 @ 12:00 PM PDT
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